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Dynasty Warriors 5 Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Dynasty Warriors 5 - Platform: XBox

Successfully complete Musou mode with Lu Bu to unlock Chaos mode. 
Alternately, successfully complete Musou mode with a character from 
the Wei, Wu, and Shu forces.

Successfully complete Musou mode to unlock the credits.

Cut watchtowers in half:
Certain characters have Jump Charge attacks (A + Y) that send them high 
in the air (for example, Jiang Wei and Yue Ying). Use this move on a 
watchtower and the top of the tower will fall off and the bottom will 
stay standing for a few seconds.

Arm Guards:
Play the Battle of Si Shui Gate with Dong Zhuo's forces. Kill Sun Jian at 
the very beginning of the battle. The "A valuable item has been found" 
message will appear shortly after you kill him. Note: You can do this with 
any officer, but there is a time limit. You do not need to kill Sun Jian's 
Sub-Officers. This items prevents damage during charge attacks.

Art of War:
Play the Battle of Chi Bi with Cao Cao's forces. Defeat Zhuge Liang when his 
unit begins to retreat to get the Art of War. This item allows boost items to 
last longer.

Bodyguard Manual:
Play the Guan Yu Escape level on any difficulty setting. Kill Zhang Liao 
immediately, without letting him escape. Keep killing officers until about 
gate 3. The special item message will appear. The item is at the beginning 
of the map. You should have a horse to hurry back there before the caravan 
is destroyed.

Burning in the air:
While fighting someone difficult, such as a general or the Boss of the stage, 
set them on fire with a charge attack or equipped item. It will drain their 
health until they hit the ground. If you set them on fire and continuously 
juggle them in the air with an attack, the fire will keep diminishing their 

Cao Cao's fourth weapon:
Play the Battle Of Xia Pi on the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Gao Shun 
before you get the message that he is guarding the dam. You can get the message 
that he has begun guarding the dam, but you must defeat him quickly after that. 
Then, just defeat Zhang Liao. The precious item box will show up outside the 
castle just outside the south gate. Because defeating Gao Shun makes the castle 
be flooded, you must to go in the castle from the north gate and go through to 
the south gate. Then, just attack Lu Bu. You do not need to defeat him; if you 
do not defeat him fast enough, he will get bored and run, then and his troops 
will turn on him and capture him, making you win the stage all the same.

Cao Pi's fourth weapon:
Play the Battle Of Wu Zhang Plains on the hard difficulty setting. It is better 
to do this in Musou Mode than in Free Mode. Wu Zhang Plains is a five-star battle, 
but in Cao Pi's Musou Mode it is only his fourth stage. Thus, if you do this in 
Musou Mode the difficulty will be lowered somewhat. First, defeat any three 
generals (not sub-generals) quickly. The ones that all grouped in the center 
make good fodder, as except for Wei Yan they are all generic. Once you kill 
three generals, Zhuge Liang will pass away. Continue fighting normally. At this 
point it would be a good idea to seal the enemy's supply route over to the east. 
Soon you will see an event where Jiang Wei lays a group of automatic crossbows 
on the central platform. Now all you have to do is get up there and break all 
of them. There will also be juggernauts floating around, not to mention archer 
towers -- be careful. Once you have destroyed all single automatic crossbows, 
the precious item box will conveniently appear in the middle of that central 
platform. Pick it up and finish the stage to earn your fourth weapon.

Cao Ren's fourth weapon:
Play Escape From Chi Bm on the hard difficulty setting. Your task is to defeat 
all enemy reinforcements quickly. This means that you should be able to defeat 
the reinforcement before Cao Cao's own reinforcement says something along the 
lines of "Go on first, I'll take care of things here!". You do not need to worry 
about sub-generals; just get each major general as they show up. After you defeat 
Guan Ping, immediately go south, as Sun Quan will show up in the southeast. 
Once you defeat Sun Quan, the precious item box will show up in the little nook 
between where Zhao Yun and Zhang Fei appeared. Grab the item, then go up and 
defeat Liu Bei to help Cao Cao escape.

Da Qiao's fourth weapon:
Play the Battle of Xia Kou on the hard difficulty setting. You must defeat 
Cai Mao and Gan Ning before Ling Tong is defeated. Go up the left side first; 
Gan Ning will appear almost immediately and kill Ling Cao, which will prompt 
Ling Tong to charge. Gan Ning is in hyper mode for this battle -- be careful. 
Luckily, you will have Huang Gai and Ling Tong also keeping him busy. Then, 
just go to the center section and defeat Cai Mao, who is nowhere near as 
difficult. The precious item box appears just north of Cai Mao's position.

Delayed weapon and valuable item messages:
Sometimes the special message will not appear immediately after you complete 
everything required to obtain the item or message. If you must complete 
something before a special attack, you will probably have to wait until the 
attack occurs for the message to pop up. Before giving up on an item or weapon, 
double check the battle log to see if you missed the message.

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