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Dual Blades Platform Gameboy Advance Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Dual Blades - Platform: Gameboy Advance

Unlockable Features:
1-Counter Mode: Will be unlocked under "Extra Features" menu when game is 
finished with any 4 character.(when %50 finished) A game code will be given to 
player, when it's activated... 

Explanation of Counter Mode:
It causes 400% more damage bonus for counter hits. 

2-Transform Mode: Will be unlocked when Time Attack mode is completed. A game 
code will be given to player, when it's activated... 

Explanation of Transform Mode: 
In Arcade mode making the enemy fall causes it to morphe into another character 

3-Crazy Mode: Will be unlocked when Survival mode is completed. A game code will 
be given to player, when it's activated... 

Explanation of Crazy Mode: 
This mode allows cancelable standart attacks which affects gameplay very much. 
Just making different standart attacks will combo including aerial ve crouching 
ones. So that, such combos can be done: Air k, Air SL, Air BS, K, Duck L, SL, 
BS->Any special... You can cancel any weak attack to another but can't go on 
doing this when BS is used, So BS 
attacks may be used as combo finishers...In this mode also every standart attack 
can be canceled into specials when at least the attack connected once. By the 
same way every specials can be canceled into power moves...This mode needs a bit 
testing because it's open for exploitation... 

4-Activating Alperen: 
When Arcade Mode is completed with normal or higher difficulty...Game will give 
the player a code which 
comfirms he finished the game with that player.When Arcade mode is completed 
with all characters, 
Alperen will ve selectable. 

5-Learning Your fighter's SECRET POWER MOVE(MEGA POWER): 
Every character has a fifth power move which is called a MEGA Power move.There 
is no way to unlock it, 'cos they're not hidden, just their combination is long 
and hard to do...In order to learn your fighter's MEGA POWER combination simply 
complete Combo Mode with him/her. As the last combo, the game will teach you 
your fighter's MEGA POWER...In order to perform a MEGA POWER you need a MAX 
power bar. Here is their combination and use for each character: 

Efe throws 3-4 huge electric balls to opponent. 

This move is like Duke's Holy Guards...To perform, opponent must try to hit you 
when you have just 
performed the move. 

3-Brandon (BLIZZARD) : B,F,D,D,PW 
Activates Brandon's "Throw fast magics with BS" mode. BS attack becames magic 

Every SL or BS of Shin causes a crow attack opponent. 

5-Duke (Not finished yet) 

6-Jaman (HUGE BITE) : F,B,F,D,PW 
Jaman calls a huge beast to bite the opponent. 

7-Nagasapa(HEALING) : D,B,D,F,PW 
By the time bar decreases Nagasapa heals... 

8-Rungard(NORN'S CUT) : B,F,D,F,PW 
Rungard holds his arms, by the time if the opponent is not guarding; He stops 
time. Everything with the opponent freeze.

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