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Dragons Fury Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Dragon's Fury - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

 1 AECT-BA3W Start game with 1 ball instead of 3
 2 AJCT-BA3W Start with 2 balls
 3 ATCT-BA3W Start with 4 balls
 4 AYCT-BA3W Start with 5 balls
 5 A6CT-BA3W Start with 7 balls
 6 BJCT-BA3W Start with 10 balls
 7 B6CT-BA3W Start with 15 balls
 8 DECT-BA3W Start with 25 balls
 9 GJCT-BA3W Start with 50 balls
10 KNCT-BA3W Start with 75 balls
11 NTCT-BA3W Start with 100 balls
12 RE0A-A6WR Infinite balls
13 AACT-AAEN Start with 0 bonus points instead of 100
14 AYCT-AAEN Start with 500 bonus points
15 BJCT-AAEN Start with 1000 bonus points
16 B6CT-AAEN Start with 1500 bonus points
17 DECT-AAEN Start with 2,500 bonus points
18 GJCT-AAEN Start with 5,000 bonus points
19 KNCT-AAEN Start with 7,500 bonus points
20 NNCT-AAEN Start with 9,900 bonus points
21 AJCT-AAE0 Start with bonus multiplier at 2 instead of 1
22 ANCT-AAE0 Start with bonus multiplier at 3
23 ATCT-AAE0 Start with bonus multiplier at 4
24 AYCT-AAE0 Start with bonus multiplier at 5
25 A6CT-AAE0 Start with bonus multiplier at 7
26 BECT-AAE0 Start with bonus multiplier at 9
27 AVPA-AA8L Bonus points never reset when bonus is  collected
28 AVPA-AA8Y Bonus multiplier never resets when bonus is collected

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