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Doshin The Giant Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Doshin The Giant - Platform: Gamecube

Bonus levels
After the villagers build all sixteen monuments an intermission 
sequence will begin and a new level will start. Fulfill the 
villagers wishes and the credits will start after they build their 
monument. Several bonus levels will now be unlocked at the main 

Build the good and bad variations of the fifteen monuments in 
the museum. Then, destroy one of the monuments. The villagers 
will build a mystery monument., followed by an intermission 
sequence and bonus levels. 

Defending villages
Use water to protect villages against fire. Create mountains 
around them to keep tornadoes away. 

Jashin warning
Do not turn into Jashin too frequently, as it may cost you 
the trust of the villagers. 

Turn giant quickly
Turn into Jashin and go on a rampage in a good size village. 
Get the skulls to increase to giant size.

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