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Donkey Kong Country Platform Gameboy Color Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Donkey Kong Country - Platform: Gameboy Color

Expert mode:
Get an 81% or higher completion by completing all levels (including 
bonus levlels) and getting all the coins at Candy's. Enter the options 
menu and turn off the DK barrels. This will allow you to increase your 
percentage by playing the game again at a harder difficulty. 

Hidden sticker packs:
Hidden sticker packs are found under, near, or around green banana bunches. 
To obtain these hidden treasures, find a green banana bunch, and use Donkey 
Kong to slam the ground (hold Down and press B). You should see a tiny 
rectangle bouncing on the ground. Collect it and then turn off the game. 
Turn the game back on, select the "Print" option at the main menu, then go 
to "Sticker Book". You should find a small picture on one of the pages. 
Press A on one to print it. Note: This requires a Game Boy Printer connected 
to the Game Boy Color via a link cable.

Hint: Gorilla Glacier: Extra lives:
Go to Candy's Challenge in Gorilla Glacier. Spell "Candy" and you will get one 
life, then spell "Funky" to get two lives -- but do not correctly spell "Cranky". 
You can do this a many times as needed, but if you correctly spell "Cranky" you 
will not be able to go back.

Hint: Gorilla Glacier: Secret transporter: 
Enter the Slipslide ride. When in the level, walk along until you find a kind 
of pointy object or a rope. Wait for the creature to appear and jump on it to 
get the height needed to grab the rope. When on the rope jump off to find a 
barrel. Throw it against the wall and go inside. Spell "Kong" and get an extra 
life. When finished are outside the cave, jump to find a secret transporter 
which transports you half way through the level.

Hint: Jungle Hijinxs: Extra lives:
Go to the first stage in Kongo Jungle and enter Jungle Hijinks. Once you see 
Donkey Kong pop out, go back into his house. Jump on the rocks that are sticking 
out to get to the top. Enter the house to find a extra life balloon. Press Start 
to pause game play, then press Select to return to Kongo Jungle. Enter Jungle 
Hijinx again and repeat.

Go to Jungle Hijinxs, climb the steps where the Donkey Kong's tree house is 
located, get on the trees, pass the arrow of bananas, pass the bunch of bananas, 
and get the red balloon. Keep going and do the very long jump to get another red 
balloon. Go a little farther and there will be a green balloon. Go all the way 
back to the start and find the hole. Go inside it to get Kong's Banana Board. 
Go back outside and you can get all the balloons again. 

Hint: Jungle Hijinxs: More golden ostriches: 
Get the golden ostrich, then become the rhino. Open the bonus game, then press 
Select to leave rhino mode. Go back and pickup another ostrich.

Hint: Kongo Jungle: Extra lives:
When you first appear, jump on the rocks and hop on the trees. You will find two 
red balloons and a green one.

Hint: Kremkroo Industries: Extra lives: 
Jump on the first rope you see, wait until that rope stops, and jump off it. 
You will land on a TNT barrel. Pick it up and carry it over to the first oil can 
that you see. Throw the TNT barrel on the oil can and jump in the hole that was 
created. Shoot up from the barrel (a bonus level) to get an extra life. 
Press Start, Select to repeat as needed.

Hint: Kremkroo Industries: Secret room: 
In Oil Drum Alley, after the three moles jump on to the metal plate to get a TNT 
barrel. Pick the barrel up, turn around, and walk into the wall to enter a secret 
room. Jump to get the single banana. Once you have collected three, a barrel will 
drop and take you into the next room where you need to spell "DONKEY" (red balloon) 
"KONG" (green balloon) COUNTRY (blue balloon). Once back in the game pause, then 
press Select to get back to the track.

Hint: Misty Mine: Extra lives:
Get to the section on Misty Mine where all the snakes appear from barrels in the 
floor. Jump on eight of them to get an extra life.

Hint: Oil Drum Alley: Break barrels:
Jump down the first hole you see after the checkpoint to land on a Rhino boost. 
You can now break the barrels that are rolling at you.

Hint: Stop And Go Station: Shortcut:
Go to the left at the beginning of the level to fall half-way ahead in the level.

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