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Deus Ex Invisible War Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Deus Ex - Invisible War - Platform: XBox

Unlock Thief III Trailer: 
To unlock the Thief III trailer, beat the game on any 
difficulty with any ending. Then, on the main menu, go 
to Options. Select "Extras" to view the trailer. 

Secret Wrap Party Level:
While you are in the UNATCO Ruins, the first large room you 
come into, you will see a Flag. Pick up the Flag, and go to 
the room where that used to be Joseph Manderly's office. 
Look around, and you should see a bathroom. Put the UNATCO 
Flag on the floor so it stands up, and flush the toilet. 
A message will come up, and you will be transported to the 
Developement Team Wrap Party, which is set in Club Vox. 

When climbing up a ladder you put away your weapon, but if 
you hit b to pull it back out you can climb the ladder with 
your weapon out and usable. 

Position yourself a few feet from a low lying object (stairs 
[recommended], seat of a couch, non-movable bench, or others 
about the same height) and start running towards it. Just as 
soon as you start to walk over it, jump. You should jump 2-3x 
as high as usual.

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