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Darkwatch Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Darkwatch - Platform: XBox

Hold two weapons:
Press Down to switch to your second weapon slot. This is useful if you are 
saving a rail rocket or shotgun. Also, press Up to switch between dynamite 
and splitter grenades (if available).

Quick clear:
While fighting a group of enigmas and there is a Dark Mark (Evil Tree), 
quickly destroy the tree before fighting any enemies. When it is destroyed, 
it will shoot a shockwave, instantly destroying all enemies in that area.

Rapid fire pistol:
Hold down the fire button (R) on the pistol (Redeemer) to fan it, or shoot 
in rapid fire.

Blood vision:
Click the Right Analog-stick to activate your blood vision.

Defeating Banshees:
Be careful while fighting banshees. If you cut off their arms and they still 
live, they will fire non-stop energy balls at you.

Defeating Lazaurus:
While fighting Lazaurus for the final time, hide in the house when he is using 
his twister move; it will shield you. Also, when he shoots his fireballs and 
smoke clouds, shoot them; they will blow up and you will be unharmed.

Click the Left Analog-stick to duck.

Evil deeds:
Blood Frenzy: Adds a supernatural boost to hand-to-hand combat.
Black Shroud: Covers you in a black shroud of darkness that hurts enemies when 
they attack for a short time.
Immortal Friends: No matter how many times you shoot Cassidy or Tala, they 
will not die.
Soul Stealer: Sucks the souls right out of living enemies (can be used at a distance).
Turn: Turns some enemies against each other for a short period of time.

Good deeds:
Fear: Some enigmas will run scared for a short time.
Mystic Armor: Strong armor (possible 0 damage) for a short time.
Silver Bullet: Infinite and more powerful bullets for a short time.
Vindicator: Shoots a chain of lighting that instantly destroys most small monsters.

Submitted by: DJNJ

in Gunslinger mode, here's what you need to do to unlock each level's artwork

Beat the Single Player CampaignEvolution of Jericho 
Beat all Gunslinger levels on Deadeye Darkwatch Archives 
'Rescue' in 15 Minutes or less Highmoon Trailer 
'The Right Train' on Shootist Difficulty Showdown Animatic 
'The Wrong Train' with 65% or more Accuracy Wrong Train Animatic 
'Morning After' with 70% or more Accuracy Weapons 
'Boneyard' with 65% or more Accuracy Enemies 1 
'Hangtown' with 20 or more Headshots Rescue Intro Movie 
'Darkwatch Outpost' with No Deaths Environments 1 
'Invasion' on Deadeye Difficulty Environments 2 
'Curse Of The West' in 10 Minutes or less Environments 3 
'Dead Light Prism' with 80 or more Kills Attract Mode Movie 
'Deadfall' with 20 or more Headshots Vehicles 
'Torture Maze' with 30 or more Melee Kills Cowboy Animatic 
'Showdown' with 20 or more Melee Kills Enemies 2 

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