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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Platform Sony PSP Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Crisis Core - Final Fantasy 7 - Platform: Sony PSP

New Game:
Successfully complete the game, and save when prompted after the credits.
Load your cleared saved game file to begin a new game with your previously
earned items, gear, Materia, and more.

Stat boost:
When you meet Hojo in the laboratory, talk to him once, then go to the glass
pod near him and enter it. This is the pod in which Red XIII was trapped in 
Final Fantasy 7. Once you enter, Hojo will lock you up and ask a few questions.
Based on your answers, you will be given a stat boost by Hojo.

Defeating higher level Dual Horns:
In later missions you may encounter Dual Horns called Diceratops or Grand Horn.
The Diceratops has Null Magic, so you must use physical attacks, but the Grand
Horn is very difficult. It has Null Magic and Null Physical, requiring you to 
wait for the DMW to get you a combination. It is recommended you buy Zantetsuken
Materia and level it up to the maximum. Also, buy a Lucky Stars Materia, as the
Grand Horn has an attack called Gaia's Wrath which will lower your limit level.
You cannot control this one at all, so be patience. You can steal a Pearl 
Necklace (rare steal) from it.

Easy experience:
Use the following trick to get easy SP, Materia leveling, and experience. Once
you have got your vacation time at Junon Beach, you will have a new mission 
under the "Mysteries Of The World" category called "Fun In The Sun!". Successfully
complete this mission set to unlock "More Fun In The Sun!" The second mission in 
this sub-category is called "We Hope It's A Vacation". In this mission, Sea Worms
fall out of the sky about a half dozen at a time. This conitinues until about 
fifty have been destroyed. They are easy to kill, but they can hit you with Stop.
You may want to equip Sprint Shoes. Once you have obtained Quake Materia from 
Wutai's secret shop, you can kill up to six enemies at a time in this mission. 
Doing so greatly increases your SP multiplier. They also drop a lot of MAG Mako
Stones for Materia fusion. The DMW seems to react quite a bit to this mission; 
expect lots of Modulated Phases. This mission never expires. Kill the worms as
much as desired. 

Easy gil:
Minerva is the goddess of the planet that Genesis sees after his last defeat. 
She is also an optional Boss that you can fight. She is extremely difficult 
to defeat. She has 1,000,000 HP and can kill you with one hit if you are not 
careful. She is under the final "Great Cavern of Wonders" mission. You must 
have at least 70,000 HP because she has an attack that does damage of at least 
around 60,000 to 68,000 if you have Barrier and are guarding. You can steal 99 
Phoenix Downs from her though. You can use these for unlimited gil and Soldier 
Points. Steal the Phoenix Downs, wait for her to attack (because you will die),
then sell the Phoenix Downs. They are worth a lot of gil. For the Soldier Points,
use the gil you got from selling them to buy Materia, then convert it to Soldier 
Points. Note: Minerva can eliminate Raise status with one of her attacks.

Gongaga mini-game:
While in the Hills of Gongaga, after you start the scene with Genesis and Hollander,
fight up to seven battles in the hills, then try to leave the area. Zack will 
notice a chest falling down the waterfall. Select the "I bet there will be more" 
option, and play the treasure chest mini-game. Monsters will come down as well as
chests. The boxes and monsters will come down four times, repeating the same 

Wave 1 (chest): Middle 
Wave 2 (monsters): Left and right 
Wave 3 (chest): Far left 
Wave 4 (chest): Far right 

These waves will repeat four times after the fourth wave. The more boxes you get,
he better the prize. If you touch the monsters, Zack will become temporarily 
paralyzed. The best way to dodge them is to get out of the river, then go back
in once they are gone.

Navigating through the missions:
When navigating through the missions, you can hug the walls or borders and avoid 
unnecessary conflicts and still get all the chests in the area (for example, 
places where it is narrow or on the rope bridge in the caves you cannot sneak by).
All encounters are mostly activated in the center of the room or opening. Hug the 
wall if you are going through a very difficult mission and you know you can take 
the objective.

How to change sword:
Submitted by: hkhkkuk

Deafet angeal 5 times and talk to lazard

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