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Conflict Desert Storm 2 Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Conflict Desert Storm 2 - Platform: XBox

Extreme Mode:
Beat the whole game in any difficulty to get Extreme Mode.

Beat tanks:
Tanks are a problem when they are facing you the best way 
to take em down is to throw a smoke grenade at the tank
(if the 50 cal is shooting at you)aim your LAW or anti 
tank weapon at the bottom center of it so its nearly going 
under the tank. if done correctly the tank will be destroyed.

Extra supplies:
When you run out of medic packs or ammo, don't pull out the 
knife. that will be hard to kill the enemy and it will lower 
your health. Try to find enemy buildings or bases that you 
already cleared out and look for guns and ammo. Most of the 
time there will be rocket launchers, ammo, guns and medic packs.

Destroy Scuds with a grenade:
Have a grenade and throw it by or under the door of the 
scud, and should by destroyed.

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