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Chakan Platform Sega Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Chakan - Platform: Sega

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

 1 AKZA-TA7L Protection from most hits
 2 AB3A-TCF2 Invincibility lasts longer after getting
 3 DB3A-TAF2 Invincibility does not last as long
 4 RLGA-TA4C Invincibility (falling still kills you)
 5 ALJA-WA74 + ALJA-WA8J Using an alchemy does not
   use up potions
 6 P0AT-XTVR Start with 4 blue potions
 7 P0AT-XTVW Start with 4 green potions
 8 P0AT-XTV0 Start with 4 red potions
 9 P0AT-XTV4 Start with 4 clear potions
10 RGJA-W600 Super jump
11 ACGT-VE7W Infinite time
12 RGRT-W6TG Scythe always available
13 RGRA-W604 Grappling hook always available
14 RGRA-W61N Battering mallet always available
15 RGRT-W6T6 Battle axe always available

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