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Call Of Juarez Platform Xbox 360 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Call Of Juarez - Platform: Xbox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Thief (10 points): In Episode I steal Jones' gun without alarming him. 

Boxer (20 points): In Episode II use correctly 5 combos fighting with looters. 

Gunfighter (15 points): In Episode III kill 10 enemies using Concentration Mode. 

Archer (20 points): In Episode IV kill 10 enemies using bow. 

Driver (30 points): In Episode V kill 5 enemies when driving the coal cart. 

Hatman (25 points): In Episode VI shoot 6 hats off from enemies' heads. 

Slayer (20 points): In Episode VII defeat 6 enemies using the whip. 

Accurate guy (25 points): In Episode VIII kill McLyde brothers with 2 bullets only. 

Untouchable (40 points): Finish Episode IX without taking a scratch. 

Horseman (20 points): In Episode X kill 7 enemies while in the saddle. 

Archeologist (25 points): Finish Episode XI in less than 10 minutes. 

Spider hunter (20 points): In Episode XII kill 10 spiders using the whip. 

Fire Raiser (25 points): In Episode XIII kill 3 enemies using fire. 

Eagles Eye (30 points): In Episode XIV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head with 
the sniper rifle. 

Bow Expert (30 points): In Episode XV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head with 
the bow. 

Earthquake (30 points): Playing as Miner kill 4 enemies with a single dynamite stick. 

Lucy's lullaby (20 points): Playing as Miner kill 3 enemies with a single shot from the 
sawn-off shotgun. 

Quicker than hell (10 points): Playing as Gunslinger shoot 4 enemies using the quickshooters 
in less than 10 seconds. 

Demolition (25 points): Playing as Gunslinger keep at 100% killing efficiency for X dynamite 
stick throws. 

Headhunter (20 points): Playing as Sniper score 5 headshots in a row. 

Blind Killer (10 points): Playing as Sniper kill 5 enemies with the sniper rifle without 
using the scope. 

Surefire hand (20 points): Playing as Rifleman shoot 5 enemies using the rifle without 

Rifle Expert (20 points): Playing as Rifleman keep 100% rifle efficiency for 10 shots. 

Additionally there are 13 secret achievements, all of which remain unknown at this time.

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