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Call of Duty Finest Hour Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Call of Duty - Finest Hour - Platform: XBox

Successfully complete the game under the easy difficulty setting to unlock 
the "Big Head", "Ricochet", "Head Shot", and "Ricochet All" cheat options. 
The remaining cheat options can be unlocked by completing the game under 
the other difficulty settings.

Russian campaign:
On the first tank level in the Russian campaign, it is best to use first person 
view to shoot the Nazis that have Panzershrecks and MP-40s. The MP-40s cannot 
hurt you, but are annoying. If you use third person view, you will miss.

Tractor Factory: Easy completion:
When you get up to the sniping area, crouch down in the window. There will be 
some ammunition and health in the corner if needed. Get it if desired, then snipe 
the first wave of soldiers with normal guns. When your "comrades" say that there are
Panzershrecks, concentrate all of your fire there. Do not worry about the regular 
soldiers because they cannot aim well. Shoot the Panzershrecks until you see a 
man running up the road with a heavy machine gun. Shoot him then go to the left 
window and continue.

All levels:
Enter the level selection screen. Hold Up on controller two and press Start, Back(2), X 
on controller one.

FMV sequences:
Successfully complete the Russian campaign to unlock the Making Of 1 FMV sequence. 
Successfully complete the British campaign to unlock the Making Of 2 FMV sequence. 
Successfully complete the American campaign to unlock the Making Of 3 FMV sequence.

Secret Hang Out:
In the second level of the British campaign (Depot Saboutours) After all the enemies 
are dead and the five fuel caches have been destroyed, look for an elevated building 
that looks like its made out of 3 loaves of bread look to the right all you should 
find a door throw two sticky bombs on it then go up to it and press the black or 
action button then throw 2 more sticky bombs on it it opens to reveal a decending 
staircase. When you the reach the bottom and you will find an arabic guitar player 
playing. This one cool area for you theres a Bren gun you can pick up also a large 
health kit.

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