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Brain Lord Platform Super Nintendo Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Brain Lord - Platform: Super Nintendo

Unlimited fairy experience
Use the Light Fairy to see, when in the ruins under the city. 
After getting the fairy, return to the first save location, then 
go right. Enter the first door from the save location. Go through 
the little room and go to the next door. Look out for the robots 
in this room, as the shield will not block their attacks, which 
do a lot of damage. Go after them at an angle. Use the fairy in 
the room after the robots. You should now be able to see a small 
blue square on the floor. Use the square to turn on the lights, 
then get on the small flying square. It allows you to travel over 
the electric floor without harm. There will be a few enemies in 
the room that will always have a ball that increases your fairy's 
experience by 50. This may be repeated as many times as needed.

Gate key
You need the Fire Sword. Near the beginning is a room with a red 
"pig". In that room is a door with a ice block. Melt it to get the 
flood gate key. Then, go to the room with big skeletons and unlock 
that door. Though there is the key that you are looking for.

Tricky puzzle question
The answer to: 

"12 - 52 - ?
Although it is larger in size
It's equivalent is the same in the end" 
…is 365. 12 months in a year, 52 weeks in a year, and 365 days in 
a year.

First tower
In the first tower, you will reach a floor with spike traps. 
You can distinguish them from the regular floor tiles by the 
small square on them. You will need to find the room that when 
enter from the south, you will find a treasure chest with a 
spike trap in front it. When you find it, notice that it is the 
only one with enough space to get between the chest and the wall. 
Push on the wall to find a Heart Brooch and a Mushroom. 

You will find a room with a plaque that tells "Do not attack the 
statue". Attack the statue at a safe distance and do it will move 
out of your way, giving you access to a treasure chest. 
If you look at the wall, you will notice what appears to be a set 
of pillars. Push on the wall in between the pillars to find a 
secret passage. Use it to find the Foundation Jade. 
This Jade increases your defense and is perfect match for the 
Power Jade found later in the game.

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