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Blinx 2 Masters Of Time And Space Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Blinx 2 - Masters Of Time And Space - Platform: XBox

Collect all pig medals to unlock the satellite for purchase in the stores.

Easy gold:
Time monsters come back during a short period of time. When you kill a time 
monster and suck up its Time Crystals you will get money. Wait for Time Monsters 
to come back, then keep killing them. You will gain money every time you do 
this. Additionally, as a Timesweeper, get a Sweeper that can have the Time 
Crystal limit increased. Upgrade it completely, and if possible get a secondary 
and do the same thing. Enter the first round. Go through missions 1 and 2 
quickly. On mission 3 (fighting Stone Guardian), ignore it and run around the 
island collecting crystals until you cannot get any more. Then, fill the Sweeper 
with as many bombs as it can hold. Kill the guardian and you will get 
approximately 3,500 to 4,500 for the one mission. Repeat this as may times as 

Getting new people on your team:
When you have completed the sixth level, you can go back to the Time Factory (or 
Tom Tom Base). Go to the easiest level and complete all of the missions. After 
that, you should go to a Boss stage. Complete it. You should then switch teams. 
So if you are a Tom Tom, you will now be a Time Sweeper. Go to the Pause menu, 
then go back to the team that you were on. Talk to everyone in your Base or Time 
Factory. At least one of them should want to join your team. From there, they 
will tell you what to do. Do this until you have all the Team Members.

Reflection in the gun:
When you play as the Tom Tom Gang, buy a Winterfield Sniper Rifle. Carlos will 
ask you if you are going to the lockers. Answer "Yes" and equip the sniper rifle 
as your second weapon. When you get out of the lockers, change your weapon so 
that the sniper rifle is on your back. When you zoom in on his back, you can see 
in the reflection of his gun a village with tall buildings. If you turn around, 
none of those things are there.

Defeating Shadow Claw:
Hit the little targets on the ground. However, wait for Shadow Claw to be 
standing on the same target. Light will flow through, and Shadow Claw will turn 
into tiny little creatures. Hit the little creatures with a hammer until they 
are all dead.

Fall through game:
On the second cat level, go to the place with the two Octobaloons, the beast, 
and the ramp. Go on the ramp. You should see a log. Go behind it and jump into 
the wall at different angles. If done correctly, you should either fall into an 
invisible hole or disappear and fall from the sky. If it does not work, try it 
at different angles.

Freeze game:
When your Tom Toms, go to level 2 (with the Time Neutralizer) and get a Pause 
Grenade. Make a lot of guards notice you, then throw the grenade. It will freeze 
everything ,including yourself and sometimes the game. Note: This does not 
always work.

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