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Blasto Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Blasto - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Jeanette Hill

Alternate Costumes
At the main menu, quickly press Up, Up, Down, X, Triangle, 
Circle.  DO NOT PRESS Buttons: Beware of the DO NOT PRESS 
button in Episode 1. It will nuke you! But press the DO NOT 
PRESS button in Episode 2 because it creates powerups! 

Extra Lives in Episode 1
Get the Jet-Pac then go back to the covered walkway where you 
started the level. Grab the Extra-Life above the PORT sign,  
fly along the top of the covered walkway to grab another, then  
another atop the dome, another atop the sign to the left, then 
one more behind the tail of the rocket. 

Extra Life in Episode 2
In level 2 you can get a life by going through the level until 
you get to the part where you press the button to Tube 1. 
From there, proceed straight until you come to a locked exit 
door. Turn around and get the powerup, then press the door 
button to unlock Tube 1. After that you must get the gun 
across the platform and then go UP to the spinning platform 
(not on it.) You should hear the powerup sound. Turn around 
and go towards the button that unlocks Tube 1 and stop BEFORE 
the edge facing the button. Jump onto the jumping platform and 
press JUMP as soon as you touch the platform to get on top of  
the button room. It takes a little practice, but once you make 
it you'll see an extra life balanced on top.

Secrets: Episode 1
In episode, in the begining you know that babe on the faraway 
platform, well to get her you have to go through the whole stage. 
When at the end turn around walk back to that brown astroid and 
will see a jetpack, on the other side three lives. Now go back 
to your space ship in the beginning and go to the back thruster 
and there is another life. Go by the sign that says "WELCOME TO 
URANUS" and fly all along there and there is at least 5 or 6 
lives there too. Episide 2: Eventually you will see a pear head 
carrying a newspaper in his hand. Follow him. When he goes 
to the toilet, blast him away and you will get a gun and 
extra lives. Episode 3: Somewhere in this level there will 
be a big gap between platforms. There should be 2 lives 
floating in mid air. If you look closly the stars form 
steps to a platform full of lives.

Duplicate equipment
Enter an auction and sell the equipment of your choice to 
anyone. Save only the person that received the equipment, then 
reset the PlayStation. The equipment will now be doubled.

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