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Black Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Black - Platform: Playstation 2

BFG (M249 SAW) in City Streets level:
Enter 5SQQ-5THA-ZFFV-7XEV as a profile name. If you entered the code correctly, 
you will be able to re-enter an actual profile name after selecting Done. 
When you begin the first level, you will have the BFG weapon. Alternately, 
enter HQ6G-ZP3B-C5LE-WMXA or EG4P-ZGUJ-6SQJ-3X68 as a profile name. 
Make sure to include the - symbol when entering the code (located next 
to the ! symbol).

Red and black shells:
When reloading the Remington shotgun, the shells are red. However, 
sometimes the shells are black, and there are no black shotgun shells 
in the game.

Unlock Black Ops mode:
Complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock the Black 
Ops difficulty setting.

Unlock M16A2:
Complete the game on the Black Ops difficulty setting. You will now 
have the M16A2 (M16 with grenade launcher attachment) on all levels.

Unlock Silver weapons:
Complete the game on any difficulty setting to unlock silver weapons 
for that difficulty and any lower difficulty setting(s). This does not 
include the Black Ops difficulty setting. You will always have silver 
weapons on that difficulty setting.

Aurora stealth plane:
In the first mission, under any difficulty level other than easy, you 
can destroy Intel as a secondary objective. One of those Intel-containing 
laptops once destroyed holds information on an 'Experimenting aircraft 
code named 'Aurora'.' The 'Aurora' is supposedly a real, yet secret, 
aircraft. Most of the Intel is real or based on real world information.

Defeating enemies:
Use destructive objects to your advantage to shock, hurt or even kill 
your enemies.

Defeating enemies with body armor and shields:
There is no real secret to use with enemies with full body armor. 
Head shots will not work, just try to shoot. For enemies with shields, 
use RPGs or grenades. Or, get behind them and kill them by shooting them 
in the back.

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