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Bionicle The Game Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Bionicle - The Game - Platform: Gamecube

Constant Shield:
To constantly have your shield up simply press the B 
button rapidly. This will keep you from taking damage 
from enemies, But you will still take damage from 
environmental hazards. (e.g. Lava, Swamps, etc.) 
NOTE, Do not hold down the B button because you will 
just start charging your Elemental energy and be 
vulnerable to attack.

This Cheat Only Works With Blue And Black. Hold B 
Press Y Right After You Charge Your Energy All The Way Up.

In this section, the camera automatically turns 
toward the next point of intrest. Just follow the 
way the camera to progress through the level.

Bionacle of light takua nuva:
Complete the game with all 6 toa including toa 
tahu nuva's quest to unlock the bionicle of light 
takua nuva.

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