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Big Mutha Truckers Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Big Mutha Truckers - Platform: XBox

Master code
Go to the options screen and select "Cheats". Press Y to 
enter a cheat code. 
available cheats. If you choose to have the automatic Sat Nav, 
it will always take you to where you will get the best price, but 
you will not be able to race against the other truckers. 

Code                   Result 
GINGERBEER             Fast truck 
LOTSAMONEY             $10 million 
LAZYPLAYER             Level select 
VARLEY                 Evil truck 
PUBLICTRANSPORT        Unlimited time 
6WL                    No damage 
USETHEFORCE            Auto Sat Nav 
VICTORS                Diplomatic immunity 
DAISHI                 Tiny pedestrians

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