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Beyond Good And Evil Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Beyond Good And Evil - Platform: XBox

Marble mini-game:
Collect 88 Pearls to unlock the Marble mini-game on an Mdisk.

Animal Mdisk:
Photograph all animals.

Bonus sequence:
Successfully complete the game and watch the credits. Do not press anything to 
advance past the credits. Another FMV sequence will start after the credits end.

Easy pictures and money:
After you get the camera and photograph the beetle, take a picture of the kids, 
the dog, and Pey'j to get some pictures for the scientific society, and some 
money. likewise, go to Mammago's and take a picture of one of the attendants; 
and in the Pedestrian District, take some pictures of the people there. Some 
might be an "unidentified species".

Easy money:
You can get quick money by taking risky photos. When you you encounter a big 
monster in the hilly, it will be a fish-like sea monster. After the intermission 
sequence, take its picture and send it to the research center. You will get 
2,000 credits for it. When you enter the factory, you will encounter another 
monster. Take its picture and send it to the research center for 2,500 credits. 
Take all the pictures of fish, animals, rats, and friends and all the people 
that roam in the street and bars and send them to the research center.

Unlocking the Beluga spaceship:
The codes to unlock the Beluga spaceship are on the bottom of the Jet Boots. 
Select them and rotate them to see the codes.
Soul control 

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