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Beautiful Katamari Platform Xbox 360 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Beautiful Katamari - Platform: Xbox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 

Manic Roller (20 points): Hint: Running into walls will destroy your Katamari. 
Quick Turner (10 points): Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage. 
Speedy Roller (10 points): Hint: Zip through the course with Dash. 

10 Cousins (5 points): Find 10 Cousins. 
20 Cousins (10 points): Find 20 Cousins. 
30 Cousins (20 points): Find 30 Cousins. 
40 Cousins (40 points): Find 40 Cousins. 

All Cousins (80 points): Download stages and find all Cousins. 

Collection 20% (5 points): Roll up 20% of the Collection. 
Collection 40% (10 points): Roll up 40% of the Collection. 
Collection 60% (20 points): Roll up 60% of the Collection. 
Collection 80% (40 points): Roll up 80% of the Collection. 

Request x 3 (5 points): Complete 3 Requests. 
Request x 6 (5 points): Complete 6 Requests. 
Request x 9 (20 points): Complete 9 Requests.

Endless mode:
Get 100 points on a level to unlock Endless mode for that level. This mode 
allows you to replay that level with no time limit or goal.

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