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Beatmania Platform Playstation 2 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Beatmania - Platform: Playstation 2

Another mode:
Play every song in Beatmania IIDX and Beatmania mode to unlock the 
Another difficulty setting.

Bonus Internet ranking courses:
Play every single song in Beatmania IIDX and Beatmania mode to unlock 
the following bonus Internet ranking courses and corresponding songs.

06 Internet ranking course
Digital Mind
Mr. T
Outer Limits
Moba Moga
in my eyes

07 Internet ranking course
jelly kiss
The Cube
Love is Dreaminess
fly through the night

08 Internet ranking course
Genom Screams
Bad Boy Bass
The Shining Polaris

09 Internet ranking course
Spin the Disc
Music to your head

10 Internet ranking course
Summer Vacation

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