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Beach Spikers Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Beach Spikers - Platform: Gamecube

Completion bonuses:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Task Bonus: 
Complete arcade mode as Japan Uniforms 103 and 104 
Complete arcade mode once Uniforms 87 and 88 
Complete arcade mode two times Uniforms 90 and 91 
Complete arcade mode three times Uniforms 93 and 94 
Complete world tour mode Uniforms 96 through 102 
Complete world tour mode Sunglasses 86 through 93 
Complete world tour mode Hair 71 through 74 
Complete world tour mode in first place overall Uniforms 89, 92, and 95 
Defeat Dural team Face 54 and 55 
Complete all tutorial mode courses Uniforms 71 through 86 

Virtua Cop costume:
Enter JUSTICE as a password to unlock Uniforms 105 and 106; and Sunglasses 94.

Daytona USA costume:
Enter DAYTONA as a password to unlock Uniforms 107 and 108.

Fighting Vipers costume:
Enter FVIPERS as a password to unlock Uniforms 109 and 110; Hair 75; and Face 51.

Space Channel 5 costume:
Enter ARAKATA as a password to unlock Uniforms 111, 112, and 113; Hair 76; and 
Face 52.

Phantasy Star Online 2 costume:
Enter PHANTA2 as a password to unlock Uniforms 114 and 115; Hair 77; and Face 53.

Sega costume:
Enter OHTORII as a password to unlock Uniforms 116 and 117.

Play against Dural team:
Get a overall first place ranking in world tour mode. 

Dural Team Secrets:
Clear World Tour mode with a 100% teamwork rating to play against the 
Gold/Silver Dural Team after the credits. 
Clear World Tour mode with a 30% or lower teamwork rating to play against 
the Black Dural Team after the credits. 

Defeat the Gold/Silver Dural Team to unlock Faces 54-55. 
Defeat the Black Dural Team to unlock Face 56 

Bonus Courts:
Play world tour mode and play a match on the Pringles, Holiday Inn, Sega, 
and Nintendo courts (in order) to unlock that same court in arcade mode. 
To access them, hold R when selecting arcade mode at the main menu.

Block Tutorial Easy Clear:
As soon as the match starts run directly behind your computer controlled 
partner and she'll run to the front and perform the block. 

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