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BattleTanx Platform Nintendo64 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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BattleTanx - Platform: Nintendo64

Go to input code on the main menu and put in HppyHppy.

Level Passwords:
01 - Ground Zero FRHBMCTNTK
02 - The Tunnel LHTSPMFRGS
03 - Times Square NGLFFPTTFP
04 - Strangle Hold Bridge SHPPNRVWGB
05 - Bonus MRFFCRTKP
06 - Heartland LPGCVBBJCF
07 - Lake Shore Drive GLWHJCRNLK
08 - State St. KMKJTMHRNS
10 - Armageddon Highway WSMBCPVRWS
11 - Area 51 CGJWVRGLNM
12 - Fremont St. KVVLHFHWTB
14 - Crimson Gate TMFNJMKJGF

All gangs in campaign mode:
Enter "LTSLTSGNGS" as a password.

All Weapons:
Go to main menu. Then, go to input code and put in RCKTSRDGLR.

Multi-player weapons power-up:
Begin a game in multi-player mode and collect at least 15 of one weapon, except 
for grenades. Aim at an opponent, then press A + B to fire a powered-up version 
of that weapon.

Nuggets of Wisdom:
Make your way to the Truck Stop level. Get guided missles and go back to where 
you started. Shoot a guided missle and to your left, there should be a car. 
Hit it and there you go! Some messeges scroll at the bottem of the screen.

LTSLTSGNGS - All gangs in campaign mode
WMNRSMRTR  - Storm Ravens gang
MSTSRVV    - Invincibility
FRGZ       - Frog mode
TDZ        - Toad gang
HVRL       - Spinning mode
CRSTLCLR   - Invisible Tanks
CNCTHRTM   - Trippy mode
LTSFBLLTS  - Unlimited ammo
LVFRVR     - Unlimited lives
CDPLT      - Run Story mode
PLVRZM     - All weapons

Storm Ravens gang:
Enter "WMNRSMRTR" as a password. Then the all-women Storm Ravens game, 
with laser and cloak power-up will be selectable.

Hold C-Left +C-Right + C-Up + C-Down 

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