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Battalion Wars Platform Gamecube Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Battalion Wars - Platform: Gamecube

Eliminate the Battlestation:
In the last level (siegie to the Vladstag) after you open the gate 
number three behind a little mountain are two Battlestations and 
pillboxes, if you only wait Nova' s gunship will destroy them.

Bonus Mission 1:
Make sure you get an overall of 85% on the 1st Campaign.

Bonus Mission 2:
Make sure you get an overall of 85% on the 2nd Campaign.

Bonus Mission 3:
Make sure you get an overall of 85% on the 3rd Campaign.

Bonus Mission 4:
Make sure you get an overall of 90% on the 4th Campaign.

Weapon Fiddling:
By holding in the A button when you have a motar or bazooka you can 
increase the range and the fire power of the weapon. 
Also, if you have assault troopers and your gun is constantly becoming 
over heated try to keep your gun in the sweet spot,spot that enables 
you to fire the most rounds, just let go of A and hold it repeat and 
you can lay down more cover fire then an MG nest.

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