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Bahamut Lagoon Platform Super Nintendo Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Bahamut Lagoon - Platform: Super Nintendo

EX game and music test:
Successfully complete and save the game. Then, hold L + R 
and reset the SNES. Options for an "EX Game" and music test 
will be available. The EX Game allows the game to be replayed 
with the same amount of money, items, and levels present at 
the end of your last game.

Drown your enemies:
Make a bridge of ice across a body of water and have your 
enemies chase you across it. To do this easier, cast Ice 
magic on water or a river. When you have finished crossing 
the body of water and while your enemies are still on it, 
cast Fire magic where they are standing to melt the ice. 
They will not be able to move and will drown in three turns. 
Note: This will not work on flying enemies. You can also use 
Leviathan to make bigger patches of ice. This trick will also 
work by casting Thunder on existing normal bridges on which 
the enemy is standing. In the case of Thunder magic, you can 
destroy a bridge over the sky to kill them instantly.

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