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Army Men Sarges Heroes Platform Nintendo64 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Army Men - Sarge's Heroes - Platform: Nintendo64

Restart level
Hold R + L + C-Down during game play to return to the 
starting location of the current level. 

Reverse weapon selection
Hold Z and press B during game play to cycle through 
weapons in reverse order. 

Forest level fires
Get a bazooka, then find a location in the forest where 
there is a small gap between some trees. Shoot straight, 
without hitting a tree. Three or four trees will ignite even 
though the shot missed them. 

Tin Anybody
First, type in a code for which character you want to be, then 
type in the tin soldier code. (It makes the characters have tin 
armor but it doesn't make you any stronger) You will turn into 
people like Tin Vicky or Tin Plastro. 

Hold R, L, and C-down you will teleport to where you started. 

Light the Candles
On the living room level when you get to the top of the couch, 
go near the ruler that is a bridge over to the other side. Use 
your flame thrower or your morter to light the candles. 

Fry the Colonel
If your feeling particularly sadistic, feel free to slaughter your 
commander at either the obstacle course or the live fire range. 

Save your bazooka shots for tanks; if you pick up a bazooka, odds are 
there's a tank lurking nearby. 

Use the flamethrower for close combat in multiplayer situations in which 
you and your enemy are circling each other; fire up the flamethrower and 
keep spinning until he runs away. 

Fire grenades and mortars behind obstacles to flush out enemies who have 
taken cover. This is particularly useful because you can do this while 
hiding behind an obstacle yourself. 

Stuck in a box
Start the game in the Blue Spy level in mini-mode. Immediately before the 
door to the building, turn to your right. You will see two boxes on top of 
each other. Try to jump on the top box. You will fall off. Keep trying and 
you will eventually end up inside the bottom box with no way out. 

Run across water
Enable the "All Weapons" code. Begin game play in the Blue Spy level and 
quickly switch to the sniper rifle. Hold R and aim at the blue spy across 
the water. This must be done quickly as he will walk out of your sight 
very soon. After you aim , shoot him until he dies. The failed mission 
message will appear. However, as soon as the message appears you can run 
across the water. 

Stuck in Plastic Wrap box
In the Kitchen level in multi-player mode, be careful, a player can get stuck 
in the Plastic Wrap box. 

Cheat codes
Select Level - DNSTHMN 
Invincible - MMRTL 
Invisible - DNLVSHSF 
Unlimited Continues - CNTN 
Unlimited Ammo - MMLVSRM 
Weapons - NSRLS 
Tin Soldiers - TNSLDRS 
Living Large - LVNGLRG 
Test Info - THDTST 
Hail Mendheimicus - SHRMNSLDR 
Big Green One - BGGRN 
Mini mode - DRVLLVSMM
Get All Characters - ALCHR
All Characters in Multi-player - VRCLN 

Level passwords
(submitted by: MadHaTTeR & _IMP_ [TML])
Attack - LNLGRMM 
Spy Blue - TRGHTR 
Bathroom - TDBWL 
Riff Mission - MSTRMN 
Forest - TLLTRS 
Hoover Mission - SCRDCT 
Thick Mission - STPDMN 
Snow Mission - BLZZRD 
Shrap Mission - SRFPNK 
Fort Plastro - GNRLMN 
Scorch Mission - HTTTRT 
Showdown - ZBTSRL 
Sandbox - HTKTTN 
Kitchen - PTSPNS 
Living Room - HXMSTR 
The Way Home - VRCLN

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