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Animaniacs Platform Super Nintendo Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Animaniacs - Platform: Super Nintendo

Submitted by: andresb-24

All 24 Scripts
CEO, Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Ralph, Pinky, Brain, Hello Nurse, CEO, Yakko, Yakko, Ralph

All Levels Open
Pinky, Dot, Nurse, Pinky, CEO, Wakko, Ralph, Brain, Nurse, Brain, Brain, Yakko

Ralph, Ralph, Brain, CEO, Wakko, Pinky, Dot, Yakko, Dot, Nurse, Brain, Dot

Studio & Sci-Fi
Brain, Dot, Brain, Dot, Ralph, Nurse, Wakko, Dot, Yakko, CEO, Pinky, Wakko

Studio, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy
Ralph, Wakko, Pinky, Nurse, Yakko, Pinky, Dot, Wakko, Dot, Nurse, Wakko, Dot

Studio, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Aquatic
Nurse, Nurse, Brain, Ralph, Dot, Brain, Yakko, Dot, Yakko, CEO, CEO, Wakko

-Pro Action Replay


Different endings:
The game will display three different endings depending on 
the number of script pages that are obtained (less than 10, 
more than 10, or all 24). 

Password notes
The password system is based on the following characters 
(in order): 

Y = Yakko
W = Wakko
D = Dot
R = Ralph (guard)
P = Pinky
B = Brain
N = Nurse
C = The CEO. 
When "adding" to a password character, move down the list the 
indicated number of characters. For example, the notation Y + 2 
changes Yakko to Dot. Start again at the top of the list if 
"adding" to a password character moves off the bottom of the list. 
For example, the notation N + 3 changes the Nurse to Wakko. 

The password is in a grid format where each position is indicated 
by the following: 

A1, B1, C1, D1
A2, B2, C2, D2
A3, B3, C3, D3 

All levels and all script pages
Enter CYWD RPBN CYYR as a password. 

Custom passwords
Create an empty base password by starting a game and dying without 
doing anything. One of eight base passwords will be displayed. 
Edit this password, following the guidelines described in the 
Password Notes section: 

Stage completion
Intro: B1+1
Aquatic: A1+1
Fantasy: B1+4
Sci-Fi: B1+2 Adventure: A1+2
Pinky/Brain: A1+4 

Script pages
Aquatic: C2+2, C2+4, B2+2, B2+4, B2+1, C2+1
Fantasy: A2+4, A2+2, D1+1, A2+1
Sci-Fi : D1+2, C1+1, D1+4, C1+2, C1+4
Adventure: A3+1, A3+2, A3+4, D2+4, D2+1, D2+2
Pinky/Brain: B3+2, B3+4, B3+1 

Perfect ending
Start from the base code, subtract 1 from all characters except 
C3 and D3, add 2 to C3. 

Bonus coins
Locate the large plant near the CEO at the start of the game. 
Push it to the right. It will explode when it touches the CEO and 
reveal a door. Enter the door to reach a secret room filled with 
coins. Note: This trick only works once.

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