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Animal Farm Platform DVD Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Animal Farm - Platform: DVD

The Animal Rules game solution
Select the following rules in order in "Animal Rules" 
and press Enter to complete the game. Select the first 
rule to view the "Whatever goes upon two legs is an 
enemy" and "Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings 
is a friend" rules. Select the next rule to view the 
"No animal shall wear clothes" rule. Select the "No 
animal shall sleep in a bed" rule to view another 
sequence. The rule will now change to "No animal 
shall sleep in a bed with sheets". Select the "No 
animal shall kill another animal" to change it to 
"No animal shall kill another animal without cause". 
Select the "All animals are equal" rule to change 
it to "All animals are equal but some are more equal 
that others".

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