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AirForce Delta Storm Platform XBox Cheats, Tips & Codes

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AirForce Delta Storm - Platform: XBox

Spy Planes and Bombers:
In order to catch up to the red planes on the map 
(before you take flight), you must select the best 
plane with range. The higher the range, the faster 
you catch them. This is the only way to catch these 
red planes (Bombers or Spy). Otherwise, you will fly 
in circles trying to catch them.

Easier kills:
Always target the yellow section of a battleship, carrier, 
or any other type of target. Forget the turrets, as they 
explode once the yellow section is hit by your missiles 
or machine guns. You do not have time or missiles to try 
to get each target for more points.

Recommended fighter jets to win the first time around
Use the F-14, F15C, F-18, F-22, BlackWidow, Funeral (end)

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