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Adventures of Lolo Platform Wii Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Adventures of Lolo - Platform: Wii

Level Passwords:

Password Effect 
BCBT   Level 1-2 
BDBR   Level 1-3 
BGBQ   Level 1-4 
BHBP   Level 1-5 
DVYB   Level 10-1 
DYVZ   Level 10-2 
DZVY   Level 10-3 
GBVV   Level 10-4 
GCVT   Level 10-5 
BJBM   Level 2-1 
BKBL   Level 2-2 
BLBK   Level 2-3 
BMBJ   Level 2-4 
BPBH   Level 2-5 
BQBG   Level 3-1 
BRBD   Level 3-2 
BTBC   Level 3-3 
BVBB   Level 3-4 
BYZZ   Level 3-5 
BZZY   Level 4-1 
CBZV   Level 4-2 
CCZT   Level 4-3 
CDZR   Level 4-4 
CGZQ   Level 4-5 
CHZP   Level 5-1 
CJZM   Level 5-2 
CKZL   Level 5-3 
CLZK   Level 5-4 
CMZJ   Level 5-5 
CPZH   Level 6-1 
CQZG   Level 6-2 
CRZD   Level 6-3 
CTZC   Level 6-4 
CVZB   Level 6-5 
CYYZ   Level 7-1 
CZYY   Level 7-2 
DBYV   Level 7-3 
DCYT   Level 7-4 
DDYR   Level 7-5 
DGYQ   Level 8-1 
DHYP   Level 8-2 
DJYM   Level 8-3 
DKYL   Level 8-4 
DLYK   Level 8-5 
DMYJ   Level 9-1 
DPYH   Level 9-2 
DQYG   Level 9-3 
DRYD   Level 9-4 
DTYC   Level 9-5

Level Skip:
This only works if you have a password that starts with A, B, C, or D
and if the second letter in the password appears earlier in the alphabet
than the fourth letter. If so, switch the second and fourth letters in 
the password. Use the new password to start at a level one higher than 
the original.

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