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Ace Combat 2 Platform Playstation 1 Cheats, Tips & Codes

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Ace Combat 2 - Platform: Playstation 1

Submitted by: Jeanette Hill

Hold the Map button down during a replay to lock the camera. 

Press SELECT at the control configuration screen. 

Finish the game with a rank higher than First Lieutenant. Music Player 
mode will appear in the options menu. Any of the 28 music tracks on the 
game disc can be selected. Press L1 or L2 to jump to the next track, R1 or 
R2 to jump to the previous track, Circle to select track, SELECT to toggle 
the screen, and Square, Triangle or X to quit. 

To get the incredible XFA-27 you must first complete the game on the 
normal level. Then play on the difficult level until you reach the low 
altitude attack mission. A special squadron over the south of the target 
called Fox Force Four. This squadron is made up of four YF-23A's . Attack 
and destroy all four and on the debriefing screen you will have a new 
medal and the new aircraft available message will appear.

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